• Professional

    Multi-Spray 7 in 1

    Dissolves and protects

    Multipurpose spray with 7 functions in 1 can. Used by professionals.

    Rust dissolver – dissolves even the most stubborn connections blocked by rust and oxidation, without attacking the metal part as it is acid-free.

    Moisture displacer – displaces moisture and water from all cables and connections.

    Corrosion protection –protects with its very thin spray film all metal parts thoroughly and sustainably against corrosion. Wide range of application with electrical assemblies.

    Electrical contact spray – creeps in any moisture on cables and contacts.

    Fine lubrication – contains synthetic ne oils that are capable of dealing with any lubrication problems in precision mechanics

    Defroster – Multi-spray is loosening frozen-up locks, pins, fittings, bolts and screw connections up to – 60°C.

    Penetrating oil – delivers the oil film even to the tiniest crevices and makes disassembling easier.

    The pictographic can desing of the professional series allows fast recognition and selection of the product.

    Product highlights

    • 360° valve – allows full depletion of the content
    • Quality controlled by TÜV
    • Acid free
    • Dissolves rust
    • Displaces moisture
    • Protects from corrosion
    • Used for electrical installations
    • Fine lubrication 
    • Unblocks frozen locks and bolts
    • Incredible penetration oil properties
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