• Professional

    Brake cleaner – Spray

    Designed to counteract grease and oil..

    Removes all oily and fatty stains from several surfaces and materials.


    It is the perfect cleaning agent for the entire industry, in mechanical art, for repairs and assembly, cars, home and hobby.


    Cleans all objects made of metal, glass, ceramic and most plastics. (thermoplastics, such as PVC, Plexiglas, polystyrene and simple coats of laqueur are being solved.)

    Cleans the stains from windshield, tar marks from the body of the car, stains on seat pads and textiles. Good rust dissolving features.

    Product highlights

    • 360° valve – allows full depletion of thecontent
    • Quality controlled by TÜV
    • Displaces water
    •  Leaves no residue

    Scope of use

    • Brakes (drum brakes, disk brakes, brake lining, brake pads, cylinders and bushings)
    • Clutch (clutch lining and clutch components)
    • Engine components ( carburetor, fuelpump, oil pump, gear box)
    Produktbeschreibung Bremsenreiniger-Spray

    Pdf TÜV Prüfbericht Bremsenreiniger 2011
    TÜV Prüfbericht Bremsenreiniger 2011

    Pdf TÜV Prüfbericht Bremsenreiniger 2012
    TÜV Prüfbericht Bremsenreiniger 2012