How does the Valve Saver Sequent plus work? 
    The system consists of an Additive-tank and an Additive pump, controlled by an electronically programmable Controller.
    The opening times of the gas-injectors are  used to calculate the appropriate additive dosage. On the basis of this we achieve the additive dosing appropriate to the actual needs.


    The injection takes place sequentially for each cylinder !


    The dosing unit is available in 4 or 6 cylinder models, which are moulded in a compact casing. There are no standards regarding the installation position. The intelligent electronic controlled microvalve and pump are dependent on the Engines performance. The correct functioning of the pump and valves is also secured by the implemented pressure sensor. The number of cylinders as well as the dosage can be introduced with the use of software.


    With Vehicle Type Approval



    The correct dosage can be adjusted to all possible needs of the car, with the use of a notebook and the free of charge software.  The viscosity parameter are preset in the V-LUBE Edition. The software contains a car data base in order to save certain settings and load them when required.



    Performance characteristics

    • Additive used accordingly with the requirements
    • no risk of over- or underdosing
    • consistent and consumption dependent additive dosing on entire conduction band of your engine
    • Filling level control with the help of the LED signaller
    • Error monitoring, autodiagnosis 
    • Optional function: disabling of the lpg installationin case of an empty additive tank
    • Installer friendly installation thanks to fast couplings
    • good for refitting
    • all of the sealing gaskets are made of high quality FKM (Viton)
    • reasonable price
    • compatible with turbo engines
    • tried and tested

    Technical data

    • Power supply: 12V DC (10V – 15V)
    • current consumption: inoperative 30mA,
    • Pump thrust up to 6A
    • Pump pressure: Max. 5 BAR
    • Weight: central 450g/sequential 1100g
    • Temperature range: –20/+85°C
    • Protection class: IP54
    • Dimensions
    • Dosing module central _ L/W/H mm:
    • 100 x 70 x 40
    • sequential _ dimensions L/W/H mm:
    • 145 x 95 x 56
    • Equipment-installation position:random
    • supply tank:
    • dimensions W/H/T mm: 110 x 155 x 80
    • Filling quantity: ca. 600ml
    • Sealing material: FKM (Viton)/Elastomer highly  temperature- and Weatherresistant. Compatible with acids, bases, fuels and oils (also synthetic). All of the materials implemented in the Valve Saver Protector are of high quality.


    Produktbeschreibung Electronic Valve Saver sequent und sequent plus

    Pdf HTW Fahrversuch zum Ventilverschleiß im Autogasbetrieb
    Verschleißbetrachtung an einem Toyota Corolla Verso und Überprüfung des V-Lube Valve Saver Kit

    Pdf HANDBUCH Electronic Valve Saver sequent plus
    Handbuch für den Electronic Valve Saver sequent plus

  • ZIP TREIBER USB Electronic Valve Saver
    USB Treiber für die Electronic Valve Saver plus Editionen